YES, the island paradise has never been busier. Believe it or not, there’s heavy traffic on the main road and on the beach (which has been going on for some time now). There’s just no escaping the crowds these days.

Just like what the islanders say, “There is no low or peak season in Boracay. It’s just high and peak seasons.” So what’s the perfect time to go?

It has been almost a couple of years since I set foot on the island again. I knew what to expect of the place but sometimes surprises come, like this visit.

I arrived on a Sunday and the place was jam-packed. The main street was too busy for comfort, so was the white beach. Tourists were like ants making their way to the shoreline and standing up in attention facing the setting sun. Sunset is the most crowded time at the White Beach.

A decade ago, the crowd was far less and you’d be able to enjoy your private space. Sunsets in Boracay were quite romantic then. Tranquility and romance are difficult to achieve in the island these days.

Well, maybe not. Have you been to Barangay Yapac? I used to dread heading to this area a long time ago. The beach may be gorgeous in this part of the island — secluded, pristine, serene, but it was just too far.

However, on the recent visit to Boracay, I was able to appreciate — and fall in love — the area. Its seclusion and serenity is a welcome escape from the bustle of “central” Boracay.

Savoy Hotel Boracay is one of the new hotels in the area. It’s part of the Boracay Newcoast township, a 150-hectare development which will allot 60 hectares to living and commercial complexes and 90 hectares to green and open spaces.

The 559-room hotel is its finishing stage with 498 rooms open for accommodation and the majority of the facilities—restaurants, ballroom and swimming pools—fully operational. The other outlets, like the spa and boutiques, will be open soon.

To welcome guests prior to full completion just shows that there is a demand for accommodations in Boracay. Savoy has been enjoying a consistent high occupancy rate of 78 percent since it started welcoming guests is April 2017, said Czarie, Savoy’s Front Office Supervisor, with Koreans and Chinese as the majority of the hotel’s patrons.

It’s easy to like Savoy. The design is modern which is displayed at the spacious and airy lobby in white

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