Is now a good time to invest in Boracay real estate?

This is no doubt exciting for both local businesses and tourists. Additionally, many overseas property buyers are now wondering: is now a good time to invest in Boracay real estate?

It is an interesting question. Some are concerned that the shutdown, which began in April, may have turned tourists against Boracay as a destination. On the other hand, the break has already alleviated some environmental problems as well as provided the local government with some much needed time to improve the island’s infrastructure.

The Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force worked to ease traffic flow on the island while putting measures in place to enforce the rule of law. It also continues to craft and implement a medium-term comprehensive ecosystem rehabilitation and recovery program. For Boracay real estate investors, this provides peace of mind knowing that the island will offer an improved experience once it opens and could become an even more attractive destination.

The Chancellor Hotel from Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. offers investors with the ideal Boracay real estate opportunity. The project will be operated as a hotel and all units will be furnished with hotel-style interiors. Unit owners are entitled to a share in net room revenue whether it was actually rented or not.

For owners, this guarantees a worry free investment. The operator of the Chancellor Hotel manages the leasing of the hotel rooms along with all maintenance, refurbishments and improvements. Unit owners can sit back and enjoy a steady income from its lucrative operations in the coming years.

Chancellor Hotel is part of the Boracay Newcoast Integrated Tourism Development that occupies 15 percent of the island. The project spans 150 hectares and boasts an 18-hole championship golf course, several residential communities, hotels and leisure centres. Once completed, it is set to become the place to visit for those spending time on the island.

This is another reason that the Chancellor Hotel is the most exciting Boracay real estate investment opportunity. It isn’t simply a routine property purchase. Investors are able to leverage Boracay Newcoast’s status as a premier development along with the island’s booming tourism industry for maximum returns.

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